Why is Facebook only?

There are many more platforms on social media such as – WhatsApp, Instagram, but why Facebook itself? There are many reasons for this. The first and foremost reason is that Facebook users are much more than all other platforms. Another reason for giving preference to Facebook is that Facebook is the oldest platform among all platforms. While WhatsApp and Instagram offer private accounts and their features are limited, Facebook has more features and is public.

Being public means that to connect with someone on Facebook, you do not need personal identification with them, but on WhatsApp, you need the phone number of another user. The biggest reason for using Facebook is that Facebook has understood that users want to use it as a market as well. Keeping this need of the users in mind, Facebook has come up with many ways to earn through video, picture, and text. They are further explained in this article.

How to earn money from facebook?

There are many ways to earn money from Facebook. The 10 easiest methods out of all those methods are shown in the list below.

Fb Market Place

Facebook Market Place is a feature launched by Fb itself. It gives you a platform to sell goods directly on Fb. With the help of this feature, you can write a list of your product, write its price and also put a picture with it.

Through this feature, you can sell your products to thousands of people and you can sell any type of product while staying within the Facebook Community Guidelines.

The best thing about this feature is that you do not show your product to only a limited customer in it, the customers coming here are global and they come from every corner of the world. By doing this, your product goes global and your reach reaches the world level.

Affiliate Market on Fb

The affiliate market is a commission market. In this type of market, you sell the goods of another company to your customers. For example, suppose that a company is A. Company A has to sell its product to customer C. During this time, she sells goods by placing B in the middle. Where B gets a fixed percentage commission.
Many companies like Amazon, Flipkart provide Affiliate. By becoming an affiliate of any of these companies, you can sell their products on Fb. This will give you a fixed percentage of the sales amount of the product sold.

Advertise Your Business On FB

Fb is the world’s largest social media platform where you can connect with almost two and a half billion people. By promoting your own business on Fb, your business can be increased.

It is important to note that if you create a page or group related to your business on Fb and then continue promotion on it, then you can grow your business further. Significantly, by doing this on Fb, your cost will be much lower than the actual publicity and you can connect with users globally.


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