Youtube channels are growing day by day. Youtube has become the second biggest search engine for after google. But do we know to start a youtube channel? Nowadays people prefer to go to youtube rather than searching on google for anything.

It is the biggest platform for videos and especially for those who love to make contents. People have become millionaires from youtube and all are trying to copy the youtube trend.

Now the question arises is how to become a YouTuber and is coming with a face on videos is the only way to make money from youtube. All these are explained below:

Select A Niche:

Niche is the topic of your youtube channel. The best thing to start on youtube is to make videos on the topic which you love. Selecting a niche can be hard as many factors have to be taken into consideration like completion and competitors on the same niche.

But if you have passion for some particular niche then you will do it. Must select a niche in which you are passionate about. Because you will have to work a lot in making videos and if you are working on something that you love, it becomes easy for you to work on that.

Study And Observe Content on the Same Niche:

The main purpose to make videos is that people must see the videos that you are creating. Right? So in order to create those type of videos that people love to watch you have to put some extraordinary content.

Observe and Study the content, videos, timing and all other factors of your competition, so that you have in your mind that you have to create more and better content than the competition.

Make Videos:

Now you have the complete knowledge about your niche and your competition. Its time to put content on your channel and to make videos. The more content you put out on the channel the more you will have experience.

More are the chances to be watched of the video and in starting you will make some mistakes. To make it perfect you have to work overtime on your stuff and make it better than anyone on that particular niche.


We all know that to make videos you have to see the camera and speak in the video. What about those who are shy in front of the camera. Is this the only way to make videos on youtube.

No there are a lot of other ways to make videos and channels without coming in front of the camera. One can make motivational videos with quotes and written forms of content on the screen. The channels which are educational and provide a lot of data to their audience. History channel with animation etc.

All these are the types of content which anyone can make without even coming in front of the camera.

If you want to get yourself updated with this kind of stuff, you must check keyword bookmarks.


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