Technology is very fast at this time. If you want to know about the persons you have to just check their profiles and you know each and everything about that person. In today’s cutting-edge technological era, people use many tools to make their life easier. Globalization is the only reason by which people around the world have been able to connect with each other easily. The technology is easily available and its continued use has a profound impact on the way people communicate and conduct life and help to increase the ratio of Cybercrime.

Internet is a medium through which people and companies can connect from one end of the world to the other. Technological advancement has made humans dependent on the Internet in every way. Easy access to the Internet has made everything available only by sitting in one place. Social networking, online purchasing, information exchange, gaming, online studies, online jobs, everything a human can imagine is possible from the Internet with just one click.

Without the internet, everyone is related not to possible. With the increasing advantages of the Internet, a sinister issue like cybercrime has also emerged. Cybercrimes are doing in many ways. Until a few years ago there was not much awareness about all these things. The incidence and rate of cybercrime are increasing day by day in India along with other foreign countries.

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrimes are of many types, not every person can relate to this. These are social crimes. Everyone is love to expose them in social life. This is the reason why social crimes are at the highest rate in India.

Cybercrime can threaten the security and financial health of an individual or nation.

According to a report by the National Crime Records Bureau, the rate of cybercrime has increased to 85% in the year 2011, data collected from various states of the country.

Unauthorized use and hacking

Web hijacking

In this way, the website owner loses control and important information on that website. Website hijacking means that the person can hack your business website and try to destroy all your personal data. This is one of the main problems in online work. There are many hackers who love to hack online companies that are doing online transactions. Because someone is doing online transaction their all data is stored on the internet, the hacker knows how to retrieve that data.

Child sexual abuse

Young children are easy victims in such criminal cases. Since computers are present at home, this has made access to children much easier.

Pornographic content is very easily available on the Internet. Pedophiles lure children with pornographic material so that they can take undue advantage of them. Criminals approach children, talk, cultivate friendships so that they can win their confidence, or exploit them.


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