What is a blog or a website?

If yes! So let’s understand this process of creating a blog or website one by one. Where is the first thing to start blogging or website? By the way, on the entire Internet, there are many things to understand in order to read. If someone says something, someone else says something else. Do you feel or full of confusions?

Let us remove your difficulty. Not everyone is a blogger or a website owner from the very beginning. Blogging on the Internet that everyone in the world can make their websites. Blog successful only after removing the difficulties.

Let’s understand how to create a blog or website?

Choose the right platform for your blog or website

The first step to start your websites or blog is to choose the right platform. If you want to create websites for yourself where you want to provide an online shopping facility. To sell your products, then you can make your website on an installer like Opencart. If you want to create your own blog where you want to spread your articles and ideas to people. Then you can choose from these

How to choose the right hosting for your blog or websites

This step is very important to you. Here you need to decide whether you want to spend some money on your website. The blog initially or to make your website for free on any platform.

Benefits of websites or blog hosted on your own domain

This is another key step to understand a blog or website. Our websites are hosted on WordPress which we have taken from TMDHosting. Which provides good web hosting on the internet at a very low price. We have subscribed to a hosting plan of Rs 200 per month or $ 3.00 for these websites on our websites.

Design your blog or websites

First of all, choose your domain according to the products or post category of your websites. This will make it easier for the users of your websites to identify and find you on the Internet.

The second most important thing about which in Detail we will tell you in our next post. Write Layout, Heading, Meta Tags and Description of the website correctly.

To make your websites beautiful, apply a good free theme and go to the Customize section and do the setting. If you want to get more feature, then you can also buy themes like Theme of our websites. Which we have taken from Thrive Themes.

Make sure to put Menu Options in the upper part of your websites or blog.

Do add the About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of the Services page and insert the link in the menu.

Keep your blog updated regularly and write posts with good SEO.


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