Article writing is the backbone of blogging. Even you are doing some sort of affiliate marketing through websites or blogging or any other task which is done on the website. Article writing is necessary for websites.

But do we really know how to write articles? Of course, anyone can write articles but the articles which are best for SEO purpose. The articles which will beat the competition. Let’s talk about article writing in detail:

Select your Topic:

Choosing the right topic on which you have the proper knowledge. The same topic which your competition is ranking for must have to write an article better than that. In simple words just dominate the content of your competition and use all the necessary keywords in your article.

Make it more lengthy and thorough than that of your competition. Try to provide more value than your competition.

Address your Audience Needs:

Must keep in mind about the audience of your website. Every website’s audience has a different demand than others. If the work is done keeping in mind about the audience of the website then that website will grow always.

In dominating the competition one must not forget about the taste and the need of their own website audience.


Doing the research for the article is the most important formula of a successful article. Must do the complete research about the keywords related to that topic or the google suggestions and even you can check quora for checking what people are searching related to the article that you are going to write.

IF all of these elements are covered in one article than that will automatically go up. The level of ranking that you want will definitely be received by doing all this.

Make It Specific:

Try to be more specific rather than going round and round just to increase the length of the article. Make it thorough but keep it more specific and filled with the quality content rather than keeping it filled with one thing and moving around that only.

Read Revise Repeat:

Always read the whole article that you have written before finally posting it. In this way, you will have the chances of fewer mistakes and you can even enhance the article that you have written.

If you have missed some major pints while writing you can revise it with complete awareness. After that keeping, it specific and precise go for it and publish it. After publishing it observe all the comments of your readers and if there is any mistake try to fix it or avoid it happening for next time again.


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