These days, everyone will be seen talking to you on bitcoin and blockchain. But does every other speaker and listener know what blockchain means, this is the biggest question? Often we do not miss playing on the term, even if we are deeply aware of it or not. Well, after reading this news, we will make sure that not only can you respond to the name of the blockchain but you can also analyze it.


Before knowing the blockchain, you must understand that both blockchain technology and bitcoin are two distinct sides of the Ganges. That is, the two are completely different. Bitcoin is a technology, a platform where not only a digital currency but anything can be digitized and kept records. That is, blockchain is a digital laser. At the same time, Bitcoin is a digital medium, through which we and you or some other things can be bought and sold. Although it is wrong to call it a currency because there are no values ​​in its real world. If you are aware of the Dera Sacha deal, then understand it in such a way that in Sacha Soda you were given different coins to buy something, which was only priced inside the true deal, outside the market, it was a litter, Similarly, there is bitcoin.

Hopefully, by now, you have understood the blockchain, as well as the difference between bitcoin and blockchain. However, the first thing to talk about is that which can be changed by the use of bitcoin technology. The technology of blockchain can make a big change in the banking sector. Banking sector usually identifies identity theft, Cost Efficiency watches all things. This can be safe and low cost using bitcoin technology.

Cloud Storage

Storage is an open-source cloud storage program, based on bitcoin technology where you can bench your Exchange hard drive space. Its all depends on all the storage id you have good storage for your data than its a very easy and simple.

Public records

The government has many records which are locked in files. It is often difficult for the government to determine their safety due to their loss or destruction due to some reason. So bitcoin can become a big solution for this. The government can encode the data and upload it to the digital ledger.

Land Deal Use

Land deal can be simplified by using blockchain technology. Blockchain can be a great help to make the document work during this time safe and easy. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are using it for land deals.


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