There may be a lot of reason for not having a good income from Adsense, but if you use Native Ads/adnow with Adsense, you can easily increase the revenue of your website by 50%.

What are Native Ads?

Native Ads is a new Ads Technique in the field of online advertising which looks at the website according to the size and functionality of any platform. The word Native itself means “mail or gathering”, that is, these ads are swinging with the content of your website.

In the last few years, the demand for Native Ads has been increasing worldwide. We also extracted a report from Google Trends about this, which you can see below.

Most bloggers have an income source, Adsense from the website, but some new bloggers place 7-8 ads in a single page or post to earn more money from their Adsense ads, due to which their income does not increase, it gets reduced. This is due to more Ads Impression and fewer Clicks.But if you look at your native ads, then they also match with your content and its CTR is also very good. The biggest thing is that if you publish Native Ads above or below your post, then your readers will not have a problem.

For new bloggers, Adnow is the only company that can be put in an easy and safe manner with Adsense, but keep in mind that filters of Adnow’s ads so that better ads can appear on the website. This is against the terms and policy of Adsense.


Adnow started in 2014. This advertising company provides Widgets to Publish Ads. 15000+ Publishers of this company are present in the present day and its count is increasing day by day.

Ad Widgets from Adnow are great for publishers who want to earn money with the help of Native Ads on their website.

How does adnow work?

As we have told, Adnow is a Content Matched Network. This network specifically provides related Post Widgets that you can place on your site. The publisher earns revenue when the Widget put on that website appears and clicks.

Some good things about Adnow

It also supports Non-English websites such as Hindi or other Indian languages ​​and languages ​​of other countries.

You can use it safely with other Ad Network like Adsense, Propeller Ads, and Media.Net

There is no Minimum Traffic Limit for any website.

Adnow’s Support System is very fast Reply and good.

Its payment system is also very good. Payment Methods Available – PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer. If you want, you can have Payments Weekly Withdraw. The minimum payout Threshold for this is $ 20.

Some bad things about Adnow

The publisher cannot remove its irrelevant or inappropriate ads.

Image sizes of all ads always remain square.

Sometimes Content Ads not related to your website can also be seen.


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