Article writing is a way to express your thoughts on something. So many people have different thoughts on article writing. Writing an article is very easy but writing an article which everybody wants to read is not so easy. When it comes to article writing the most common question which comes to mind is How to Write Articles that everybody wants to read.

The motive behind writing an article is that it must be read by a large audience. Nobody wants to write an article which nobody wants to read. Right?

Objectives to write an article.

  • An article influences the reader to think.
  • It allows the reader to have a different opinion about something.
  • The article provides information about a certain topic.
  • It can be about anything like rising issues, personal interest, stories, locations, etc.

Steps to Write an Article:

1. Selection Of Topic:
2. Researching your Idea.
3. Focus On Audience Needs.
4. Write an Article.
5. Make It Specific.
6. Finalize your work.

Selection Of Topic:

Selection of topic for your article can be tough and confusing. But this is the most important part of writing an article. Here are some tips to consider while selecting the topic of an article:

Select the type of article you want to write: There are so many types of articles you can write, some articles are suited for some topics some are not. You have to choose according to your interest. Some of the common types of articles are written below:
* Editorial= These articles are written to show the writer’s point of view about something. The main idea behind this is to make the reader think about some topic in their own way.
* News= It is something to write about recent facts or something which has happened recently. Usually, these articles cover: who, what, when, why, and how.
* Feature= This type of articles are different from news articles. It can be of any time and regarding anybody or even anything as well. In this writer usually writes about certain places, people and things of a certain time.

Make a list of Potential topics: Make a proper list of articles that you are interested to write and consider all the topics which you think must be considered while writing. Think with an open mind and try to mix things up. Give yourself time and try to be specific about the article. While writing the article you can think like:

1 What makes you interesting about this topic.
2 How it is related to you?
3 How I can make this even better.

Questions like this will make your brain more enhanced while writing. You can write down all the points which come to your mind while thinking like this. After writing all the points you can subtract and add the points accordingly by giving them priorities.

Try to choose something which you are passionate about: When you write about something which you are passionate about you have the ability to write more and more. Try to put so much passion in your article that the reader must feel that this is worth reading. You can also try to write articles in different languages in which you are comfortable. If you are unable to write articles in English you must learn How to Write articles in English.

Research of your Idea:

Learn more about the article: You have already researched the article and find the exact article for which you are passionate about. Now its time to go one step ahead from anyone else.

Try to get as much information about the topic as possible. Try to go throw like what are the pros and cons what experts have to say about that etc.

  • You can find more information about the topic from the internet, libraries and even get knowledge from experts of that field. Your teachers can help with this. By doing you have more in-depth knowledge about the article which will eventually help in writing it.

Use Reliable Resources: To collect the information about writing the perfect article you need to get info. from so many sources. Get information from reliable and trusted sources like reputed magazines, newspapers and teachers. Make the accuracy of article number one priority.

Avoid plagiarism: When you get information from other sources there is always a chance of plagiarism in the content. Sometimes people make notes of info that they have collected from different sources and use that info as it is. This makes an error of plagiarism which means duplicate content.

* Never copy you material of article from any other source, yes you can read everything and then try to make up your own article.

This happens in most of the cases of website blogging. Sometimes they even get penalized from Google.

Focus On Audience Needs:

Consider your audience: The answer of how to write an article which is perfect for the audience is to observe the audience for whom you are writing this article. If your article has the audience of perfectionists then the tone of the article must be more professional.

Use evidence and examples to support your points: Use more quotes and facts & figures to support your article. In this way, the spice and the interest of the reader have kept alive al the time while reading. When you portray the exact facts and evidence to support your article, the value of content increases itself.

Writing Your Article:

How to write articles

Write Introduction: Write a decent introduction to the article. There is a famous saying that it is decided in the intro of the article whether the article is worth reading or not. Give such an amazing intro that the reader just got hooked with the article. You can include the following terms as the way of the intro:

1 Start with an interesting fact.
2 Start with a story.
3 Start with a quote.

Follow the Outline: You have written the article in the draft form, now its time to write the article with all the information collected.

* Try to be flexible sometimes when you have a blueprint of everything, people always follow it. But always keep an open mind and try to mix things up with each other and relate it with the audience.

Give the proper context: Try to give the background of the article in the article. Because the audience might not have the same amount of knowledge that you have about the article. Some of them might be new and know nothing about the article. Give them some background so it could be easy for them to understand.

Pay attention to style, structure, and voice: The best way to write the article is to Pay attention to the style, structure, and voice of the article. The stuff of knowledge that you are putting into your article must be seen and match the quality of readers as well.

Try to make sense of everything together voice, structure and style. It must match the level of the article without the level of the topic and examples an article cannot be a perfect article. If you failed to match these components then you must learn how to write an article.

Make It Specific:

While writing an article one must need to focus to write the specific points in the article only. Yeah, you can be flexible but flexible in the range of topic.

Always double check your work before putting it in front of the audience. This is one of the most important points in writing the article. Cross-checking the work must be done by you only and with complete awareness.
Because it is better to see your mistake in private and fix it.

Finalize Your Work:

Edit The Work: Edit your article before making it final. By doing this you will be able to remove mistakes in the first place if there is any. Try to give a gap of 2-3 days before editing the article, in this way you can see the article with the fresh eyes. You can do the following steps while editing it for final:

* Look closely the whole article and check if all the information is related to niche or central idea of an article of not.
* Remove all the unnecessary data from the article which is making it complex to understand. The points which are taking it away from the central idea must be removed.
* Re-write some the points and info if needed to make it more perfect.

Look for Grammatical errors: Check the article by yourself and check if there is a grammatical error. If your grammar is not good get it checked by some grammar expert. Using bad grammar while speaking can be ignored but grammar plays a vital role in writing the article.

Your article can be read by any kind of person it can be the expert or the beginner in that field or for that topic.

Have someone else read your article: let your article be read by some of your friend, teacher or the person you trust because that person can give you a perfect opinion about the article.

* There is a huge chance the mistakes that you made or something which is left by you, could be easily picked by that person.


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