Only because the child born is a girl, after 18 weeks of pregnancy from the mother’s womb, removing the healthy bride’s fetus is female feticide. Parents and society consider a girl a burden on them and understand that girls are the consumer while boys are productive. From ancient times, there are so many myths about girls that girls always take girls and boys always give them. There have been many reasons for female feticide in society for years. However, some steps are taken in a regular way

What is female feticide?

The embryo killing is that, as soon as they survive, their mother kills them at Pay. There is a lot happening in India whenever a person takes a rest. Then the mother kills him in his stomach. This is a very wrong thing in this country. Let us not allow this to happen and we should stop it further. The father does not understand in this country. They feel they will have their own good in doing so. But this is very wrong when we kill the fetus of any survivor, while still living in Koch, there is a dry hunt.

Girl Feticide

Girls in India are most likely to be sexually active. People think that when a girl is born, she becomes a burden on her parents. And that is why they kill the boys in their womb. People used to do this in the old songs and they are still doing the same. They feel proud to do so. But it was wrong even today and it is still wrong and will continue to be ahead in the future.

Reasons for female feticide

The reason for female feticide is that they feel the burden of raising a girl in the house. His wedding expenses and the cost of his studies, all this seems to be a burden on him. So they think it would be better to kill them in the Koch. They do not know that there is a legal crime. And by doing so, he can be jailed. If anyone around us is doing this then we have the right to stop them from doing so. We can also take legal action on them.


In the end, female foeticide must be stopped right now. The govt. should take hard actions against this. By doing this more and more the ration of girls and boys is totally disturbed. There are places where the ratio per 1000 boys for marriage is 950 girls. This is a cruel act. A person who wants to do this they must give their born child girl to centers.

Nowadays there are so many centers who do this by profession. They adopt girls only and do everything fo them to make them feel like home.



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