What is Meditation?

Meditation is a process which a person uses in order to understand the mind thoughts and bring awareness towards them. It is not about becoming a new person or transforming into a new human being. It is just about understanding our own mind and thoughts.

How To Meditate? For Beginners:-

  1. Sit or lie down naturally.
  2. Close your eyes, you can also use some eye cushion for this or eye mask.
  3. Try not to control your breath; just observe your breath.
  4. Focus all of your attention towards your breath and body how it moves and how the breath is coming and going in our body.

Maintain this practice for 2-3 minutes per day and start pushing it more with the easy and calm mind of awareness. After maintaining this you can combine it with yoga practices which leads to the deeper meditation.

Types Of Meditation:-

1. Loving-kindness meditation

2. Body scan or progressive relaxation

3. Mindfulness meditation

4. Breath awareness meditation

5. Kundalini yoga

6. Zen meditation

7. Transcendental Meditation

Benefits of Meditation:-

  1. Reduces Stress:– Reduction of stress is the main reason why 90% of people meditate. The physical and mental stress produces such hormones in the body which leads to the many diseases and mental problems like improper sleep, depression, anxiety, etc.
  2. Control Anxiety:- Meditations helps us to control stress. less stress leads to less anxiety. Studies show that the people who do meditations on their regular basis they tend to have fewer stress hormones than the others which don’t do. It also helps us to reduce other problems of mind like social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, and panic attacks, etc.
  3. Promotes Emotional Health:- Some meditations help to cope with the emotional disturbances which are along with us from a very long time. It leads to a positive outlook in our life.
  4. Enhances Self Awareness:- Most of the people nowadays know the outer world better than they know about themselves. With the help of meditation, one can know himself better and work on becoming the better version of themselves. Self-awareness is the most important factor fo the personal growth of the person as they must know about themselves before they know the other persons.
  5. Helps in Fighting Addictions:- Addictions are the main causes of the problems in our life and happiness as well. If the addiction is good then you will do something extraordinary in life. If the addiction is wrong then your life and you will suffer your entire life due to that. Meditation helps you to optimize the addictions which are bad for you and your health and enhance the addictions which are good and gave you the best result.


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