Diabetes! This disease starts with family members. The disease varies from the geans of the family member. Like if someone in our family has then it is confirmed that his.her child also a victim of that disease. The is not of one type. There are different types of different symptoms.

Types of Diabetes

There are many types of diabetes. And all have their own symptoms. Diabetes mainly affects the immune system. Due to this, our immune system is going to be very weak. When our body is affected by, then our body feels very low. Diabetes affects our body by leaving insulin to function normally.

Family Diabetes

This type of varies from the family member. When one person is affected by then his/her children also survive from the same disease. It’s his/her ability to stop that chain by treating them very carefully and proper guidance of medicines.

There are a lot of medicines in the Ayurveda which helps you to cure even the family diseases or we call it heredity. These medicines cure the root cause and without any side effect on your body. Ayurveda is all about the natural and the medicines they prescribe are made completely up of natural substances.

Bad Diet

When hits the body, the main reason is a weakness in the immune system. Our body is strong because our immune system is strong. But If our immune system is not good then you are not dealing with this type of diabetes.


Sugar / both are the same. But their function is different. When you suffer from you should take care of your digesting food. You should take care of the food. Some food which does not suits your body when we suffer. Like the “sweets” sweets is very dangerous when we suffer from.

This kind of diabetes happens to someone due to their taste and preference. They consume more sugar than needed for their body because they just like to eat sugar or sweet things in general.

Stitches And The Cuts

The stitches and the cuts both are very dangerous. When our body hit by the thing and there is a cut on our body than the blood which flows from the cut, is very dangerous. Try not to get injured especially when you suffer from diabetes. There is a huge difference in having a cut by the normal person or the person who have diabetes. It is more difficult to cure for the person who has diabetes as compared to the normal person who has cut.


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