Self Hypnosis is the way to of reducing the stress and open your mind to a new dimension especially when fighting against some addictions or bad habits, etc.

Hypnotherapy is a very improved way for your mind to think in a new direction or way. You can practice this by yourself just following the CD’s or tapes available in the market. But before using them for hypnosis you must read their sources and use only if they are published or recorded by the reputed companies only.

How Does Hypnotherapy work?

Studies show that the human mind can go into the 3 levels of consciousness which are conscious, subconscious and unconscious. All these three are used at a different level of mind and also on a different scale of mind’s depth as well.

Using this in a proper way anything which is wrong with the brain can be improved easily. We can enhance that by using it. Which leads to solving the issues of that particular part.

Use Of Self Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy

In order to do this you need to understand a few things about it:-

  1. You want to be hypnotized.
  2. Do not want to be over sceptical.
  3. You don’t need to be frightened by hypnotized.
  4. Don’t need to over-analyze the process.

Some examples of self-hypnosis include the following:-

  1. To remove the stress at work you must say to yourself” I am stress-free at work”
  2. In order to push away the nervousness before speaking at stage in front of a lot of people, you must say” I am a confident speaker”
  3. To quit an addictive habit like drinking alcohol you must say” I am not addicted to alcohol”

All these process and self-hypnosis are for the betterment of yourself. This allows and tells you about the new part of your brain which states that you can heal yourself without the need of anybody.

Steps to Enable Self Hypnosis:-

  1. To start this process you need to be in a very comfortable and place in your mind.
  2. Find an object on which you can easily keep your focus. Try to become unwaveringly focused on this.
  3. Clear all your thoughts and keep focusing on your object.
  4. Become aware of the pressure and load on your eyes and they started to close down.
  5. Tell yourself that you will try to feel more relaxed every time you exhale your breath.
  6. Slowly And slowly count to number ten and keep telling yourself I am becoming more calm with every number going down.
  7. believe and remind yourself that you will reach at the hypnosis stage when the counting will ends.
  8. When you reached that state its time to focus on the personal statements that you have prepared yourself for this.
  9. Relax and calm your mind and watch your thoughts and state of mind at this time.
  10. After this start the counting towards the number 10 now upwards.
  11. After counting to 10 you will realize that you now completely awake and fresh.


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