Relationship Status

There is news regarding the Shardha Kapoor that She is in a relationship with one of his photographers. They are dating each other for the last 2 years. They may beget married in the future in 2020. All the stars have their own personal lives. And we know that the also are sell obsessed from their personal lives. Their relationship status is still single in the public.

Views of the Shardha

 Shradha and his boyfriend

She said we are not dating each other. We are just friends. But everyone knows the truth. They are totally in mad love with each other. They have many photos with each other. Now, they got viral due to shraddha’s latest post. They said they are getting married in a few months. They already start finding their wedding destination.

Versatile Actor

Shradha Kapoor Is such a versatile actor. Everyone knows Shardha has a very daring heart. She is just marvelous in her way. There are many upcoming movies. The Shraddha Kapoor is a very talented and genuine person. The children love Shradha very much.

Movies She Done

Shradha is done many movies and all movies are a super-duper hit. The movies she did is ” Baaghi”, “Ek Villian” and many more. She did a good role in all these movies. All these movies are super hit.

Career In Tamil Movies

She did many roles in Tamil movies also. She plays a very crucial role in Tamil movies. The movies are not so big hit, but the roles she plays in these movies are extraordinary.

Career In Singing

She starts her debut in her first movie “Ashique 2” This is one of the big hits in her life. The main lead actor in this movie is Aditya Roy Kapoor. He is very active as well. They both played a very stunning role in this movie. The movie is a super-duper hit. She sings “Tum Hi Ho ” in very TV reality shows. She did so much fun in the Kapil Sharma show.


Her experience in Bollywood is very good as she said. She also belongs to star family as her father “Shakti Kapoor”. She is very famous for her voice as well. She sings beautifully, and she is an amazing actor for sure. Her movie Aashiqui 2 just blows the blockbuster records. She did an amazing role of arohi in that movie.


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