Kabir Singh Movie

Kabir Singh is such a nice movie as well as the adult movie. It is not a family movie. If you want to watch this movie so you have to be above 18. The movie is all about a love story. The Story is based on lovers who are very passionate about their study and life.

Actors Of the Kabir Singh Movie

Shadid Kapoor is playing the role of the Kabir Singh. The acting skill of that shahid Kapoor is such a next level. The look and the style and the style of the shahid Kapoor are unmatchable. In this movie the Kiara Advani. Kiara Advani plays an important role in this movie. The name of the Kiara Advani in this movie is Preeti. The girl who is very daring in her life.

reviews of Kabir Singh

Reviews Of Kabir Singh

Everyone loves this movie very much. Because the movie is based on true love. And everyone loves the movie because of the acting skills of the Shahid Kapoor. In this movie, the co-actors and the production of that movie are done a very great job.

reviews of kabir singh

Role of Shahid Kapoor

In this movie, the role of Shahid Kapoor is Alcoholic types. Shahid Kapoor is a student in the medical college and such a nice student. He is very helpful to others. But he has one girlfriend whose name is Preeti. And he loves Preeti so much. When some are touched the Preeti he got so angry. That he hit that person. Shahid Kapoor is very famous for the intense roles he does in the movies, the character he played in the movie Haider was very intense. He even got many awards for his acting.

Role Of Kiara Advani

The Kiara Advani plays the role of Preeti. Preeti the girlfriend of Kabir Singh. They love each other unconditionally. Preeti is such a dedicated student to her study and life. The role she plays in this movie is such a blast. This is the second movie by Kiara Advani. the first movie is M.S Dhoni. In this movie, she plays the role of M.S Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Singh. She is very famous for her acting, she is very talented. She is famous for her character in the web series called lust stories. Her acting in that series is awesome. She became popular since then.


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