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How to Treat Constipation at Home?


It can be caused by the food we eat, the habits of eating. It can have a negative effect on life. It also makes a lot of discomforts when the stool becomes hard, dry and also it becomes difficult to pass.

Natural remedies to fix Constipation

1 Drink More Water:-

Not drinking enough water according to the need of your body can be the biggest reason for constipation. It is very important for the body to always stay hydrated especially in the times of summer. Many studies are there on this topic. Many studies also prove that sparkling water is more effective than the regular tap water to fix this.

2 Eat More Fiber:-

People who often stays constipated they are always prescribed by the doctors to increase their fiber intake. Intake in the proper amount can fix this problem completely. You should focus to mix the soluble fiber and insoluble fiber in your diet.

3. Exercise more

Doing more exercise have mixed results on your body and especially on constipation. Studies have shown that doing exercise does not affect the number of times people go to the washroom but it cures the symptoms of constipation.

4. Drink Coffee:-

In many studies, it is shown that drinking coffee increase the urge in many people to go to the washroom. The caffeine works on constipation, it helps our digestion. It also contains some amount of the soluble fibers which directly affects on constipation.

5. Take Senna:-

Take senna in routine, it is an herbal laxative. It is generally used to relieve from constipation. You can also take it orally and you can easily get this on any online store or even any store near your house. It is purely herbal so it does not have any side effects.

6. Eat probiotic foods

It helps us to cure chronic constipation. people who have chronic constipation they have a chemical imbalance. It improves bowel movement and also improves stool consistently.

7. Eat prebiotic foods

This type of food increases the consistency and bulk of stool. These are also responsible for the improvement of the bowel movement’s frequency. It increases the digestion by increasing the digestive bacteria in the body.

8. Eat prunes

Prunes and the juice of prunes is the natural remedy for constipation. It contains sugar alcohol that has a laxative effect.

9. Try avoiding dairy

In some cases, the studies have shown that overconsumption of dairy products leads to constipation. If you think this can be the reason for constipation then you can try to emove this kind of products’ consumption temporarily from your diet.