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Earth! Found Hottest June New Record 2019

global warming
global warming
global warming
global warming

If you think that this June is Extremely hot than you are absolutely right. Everyone knows that the weather going hot and hot everyday day but nobody knows why? Earth is getting hot and hot due to human behaviors regarding nature. The reason behind it, only global warming. Everyone knows about global warming but nobody gives attention to this thing, that what’s the reason behind it. Everyone gives advice to control these things but nobody tries to solve it by themselves.

Future Happenings

Future Happening, nobody knows about the future but, if the things are going in that way, then it is confirmed that earth will be in the trouble soon. Because everyone should control nature. But if someone talking about nature they it’s a God Nature, nobody knows that what happened next. Due to this, the highest temperature of nature in June is 60, which is unexpected. If things are going on that way, then it’s it one of the worst things happens in India. In the coming future if does not stop immediately the water level of the whole planet is gonna go very low. The

Uses Of Technology

New technology is also impacting on global warming. The new technologies are going on the peak, day by day improvement in themselves. But they don’t know that they are playing with nature by doing this with the earth. New Inventions are good but also harm the earth /nature is also very bad. With the improvement in technology, we destroy our own earth. Nobody is responsible for this, only we are responsible for this damaged.

Small Things That Saves The Earth

global warming
global warming

There are very small things which help us in saving our earth. Like less use of chemicals for harvesting. Save water for the future. Save electricity for the future. Things which can help us in the future to survive. If things are going in that way than our earth will be in danger. After 2025 there will be no survival on the earth. The peoples will destroy their future by their hands. Peoples should have to take one step ahead to save their life.

Small things like closing the tap of running water, turn off the light of the room when it’s not needed. Plant more trees, do not use plastic. All these little things are gonna work in such a huge way. People will admire you if you do this, they all are gonna follow all of these little things that you do. One person can make a difference in this way.


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